Heart attacks remain the nation’s number one killer for the past 10 years despite advancement in diagnostic and treatment modalities in managing ischemic heart diseases. Interventional cardiologists treat patients who are either at risk of getting heart attacks or who have suffered from a heart attack.

In UiTM, we have been performing coronary angiogram since 2011. This is a test to assess narrowed blood vessels in the heart. We started our interventional cardiology (PCI) programme in October 2014 and have since performed more than 1500 procedures. We are part of the local acute heart attack network (MySTEMI), providing immediate intervention based care for patients with acute heart attacks for the North Selangor region.

The PCI procedure involves the use of a special balloon to dilate the cholesterol narrowing at the coronary artery. A metallic scaffold (stent) is then inserted to prevent recoil of cholesterol into the coronary artery. This procedure takes 40 minutes to 1 hour.

If you are experiencing chest discomfort or breathlessness, make sure you get your heart assessed, as it may turn out to be fatal if missed.