In Malaysia, it is estimated that approximately 800,000 couples have subfertility. 1 in 10 couples will be affected with some fertility issues. Our fertility clinic provides assessment for couples who have difficulties in conceiving and offers individualized treatments according to their needs.

Our fertility services started in 2013 at our then Clinical Training Centre, Sg Buloh campus. Initially we offered assessment into the possible causes of subfertility and basic fertility treatment such as ovulation induction, follicular tracking for timing of ovulation and intrauterine insemination.

Our services have grown since and we have seen over 200 couples with subfertility in our clinic. Since 2016, we have collaborated with Metro IVF Fertility Centre to provide modern Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). As part of the collaboration, patients needing IVF or ICSI will be have their ovulation induction and follicular tracking done by us and will have their egg collection and embryo transfer done the their Metro IVF centre. As pregnancy has been achieved, patients will continue their antenatal follow-up at UiTMMSc. As a result of this collaboration, we are able to offer a very competitive price for ART.

The major causes of fertility problems are:

  • Failure to ovulate
  • Sperm insufficiency eg reduced quantity and/or quality
  • Damage to the fallopian tubes
  • Endometriosis
  • Unexplained fertility – 1/3 of couple have no obvious cause for the subfertility

Achievement and Future Planning

There have been few success IVF stories since we started the collaboration with Metro Klang. Ultimately we plan to have our own fertility centre in UiTMMSc complete with laboratory to cater for this Sg Buloh/Selayang/Shah Alam population. The possible scope of our service may include cryo-preservation in cancer patients.