I am very proud to write in the inaugural issue of UiTMMSC Prospectus. We initially began our multidisciplinary general clinical services in 2010 and since then UiTMMSC has grown from strength to strength. From the very first day of operation, UiTMMSC has been a distinctive and innovative medical centre. We combine services and teaching with clinical research where our clinicians actively engage patients in clinical research in various fields such as cardiology, respiratory, endocrinology, dermatology and oncology. Adjacent to UiTMMSC is a support network consisting of Centre for Translational Research & Epidemiology (CenTRE), Institute of Medical Molecular Biology (IMMB) and Centre for Pathology Diagnostic and Reseach Laboratories (CPDRL).

We have performed many open heart surgeries which included on- and off-pump Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts (CABG), heart valve replacements and repairs, as well as septal defect repairs. We are also currently in the forefront of the use of innovative Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery (MICS) in Malaysia which offers speedier recovery and less complications for patients who require heart surgery. Our cardiology team started the Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) in October 2013, and since then, we have become an established cardiology centre, which provides not only elective cardiac intervention but also emergency cardiac procedures. Our Rehabilitation Medicine team has also been actively involved in the ‘Cardiac Rehabilitation Program’, to reflect the emphasis on a holistic approach given to all our patients. With the establishment of the full range cardiac program in UiTMMSC, we now occupy a vital position in Malaysia’s healthcare landscape.

Clinical services at UiTMMSC are projected to grow further to encompass the needs of the increasing number of patients and our expertise especially in minimally invasive and robotic surgical services. The obstetrics and gynaecology teams are gearing up towards being the leader in reproductive medicine including fertility treatment. We are also in the process of a major expansion in nephrology including renal transplant services.

UiTMMSC is the mitochondria, which serves as an energy source to the Faculty of Medicine, UiTM. It will continue to develop and accommodate the Faculty’s position as the institution with the highest number of medical student intake in the country. As we aspire for excellence in services, teaching and research, I am confident that UiTMMSC will grow to be a premier healthcare institution in the region.



UiTM Medical Specialist Centre