The Cardiology unit started off from a small outpatient clinic in Shah Alam Campus in 2008 and migrated to the Clinical Training Centre (CTC) building in Sungai Buloh in 2011. We have since grown exponentially, providing a multidisciplinary approach in the management of heart diseases for adults. In 2015, the National Specialist Register recognized us as a Cardiac Training Centre.


Out patient Clinics
We provide adult outpatient services via our Selayang Campus and Sg Buloh Campus.
In patient services
We are unique as we integrate with the Ministry of Health hospitals. We cover the Coronary Care Unit in Hospital Sg Buloh as well as Hospital Selayang. Patients are transferred to our facility for further specialist care.
Cardiac Imaging
Our facility in Sg Buloh is equipped with state of the art imaging for the heart. We provide transthoracic echocardiogram, transoesophageal echocardiogram, stress testing, dobutamine stress test, cardiac CT as well as cardiac MRI.
Heart Failure
Heart failure is a growing epidemic. We partner with Hospital Sg Buloh in providing heart failure services for both acute and chronic heart failures.
Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD)
We provide both on-site coronary revascularization via Percutaneous Angioplasty or Bypass surgery
Primary PCI Network
We are part of the MySTEMI network, receiving patients with heart attacks from Selayang and Sg Buloh hospitals for primary interventions.
Cardiac Rehabilitation
We work closely with our rehabilitation unit, identifying patients who would benefit from cardiac rehabilitation services to allow them to lead a normal life after a cardiac event.