From Primary Care Medicine, Medical Clinical Cluster and Surgical Sciences Cluster services to Woman and Child Health Sciences Cluster and Medical Laboratory Sciences Cluster, Universiti Teknologi MARA Specialist Centre (UITMSC) delivers the excellence services you need right here close to home. UiTM Specialist Centre provides a full range of coordinated and multidisciplinary health care to the patient and family in their home.

For over 7 years since 2010, we have met the needs of our patients and community with compassion and quality care. We are staffed with hundreds of experienced team members who are dedicated to providing exceptional skill with extraordinary care. UiTM Specialist Centre care is a cost effective, successful means of providing high quality health care services. The need for service is determined by the patient’s physician, in consultation with the paramedic, patient, and family. Our medical centre:

• Provides specialized medical care and intensive care services for patients 
• Full complement of state-of-the-art analytical equipment, facilities and experienced and highly skilled technical and support personnel
• Is available 24 hours per day

UiTM Specialist Centre is comprised of a talented group of multi-specialty healthcare providers and a skilled team of paramedics. All of our physicians are registered under Malaysian Medical Council and National Specialist Register Malaysia. Each member of the care team strives to meet his or her patient’s medical needs while remaining compassionate and sensitive to the patient’s emotional needs as well.

Specialist Centre

Our physicians can be considered your Care Coordinator — a physician or paramedic who addresses all of your medical needs. They are well trained to manage the majority of conditions that their patients suffer from and can refer patients to specialists when needed. Services provided by UiTM Specialist Centre include:
Medical Cluster
[Internal Medicine] [Respiratory] [Cardiology] [Rehabilitation Medicine] [Psychiatric & Clinical Psychology] [Dermatology] [Endocrine] [Radiology] [Nephrology] [Gastroenterology]
Surgical Cluster
[General Surgery] [Cardiothoracic Surgery] [Anaesthesiology] [Plastic Surgery] [Orthopaedic] [Ophthalmology] [Otorhinolaryngology] [Emergency & Trauma]
Medical Laboratory Cluster
[Haematology] [Microbiology] [Anatomic Pathology] [Chemical Pathology] [Forensic]
Women & Child Cluster
[Paediatrics] [Obstetrics & Gynaecology]
Community Health Cluster
[Population Health & Preventive Medicine] [Primary Care Medicine]

With a commitment to build strong relationships between UiTM Specialist Centre and the people served through philanthropic support, the UiTM Specialist Centre’s Patient Fund managed by Medical Social Work Department has provides numerous opportunities for giving. As cost pressures continue to grow, the UiTM Specialist Centre is committed to protecting quality of health care services. The generosity of those who give to the fund makes a crucial difference in our ability to fulfil our mission to the community we serve. We seek support from interested donors in areas that need improvement, to support innovative programs and to acquire the latest technology. Donations, charitable contributions, and gifts help UiTM Specialist Centre to improve health services and enhance the quality of life of people in our communities.

At UiTM Specialist Centre, we strive to give more than excellent health care; our goal is to provide hope, comfort, and convenience for our patients and families. For more information on how UiTM Specialist Centre is striving to meet you and your family’s health needs, please visit Medic or contact our Client Service Centre at +603-6126 5000 (Sg. Buloh Branch) and +603-6126 4900 (Selayang Branch).